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Table of Contents
  Foreword ix
  Introduction 1
Part I: Practical Wedding Information 2
Chapter One: Your Wedding Day 3-5
Chapter Two: Timing is Everything - What Time of Day To Schedule Your Wedding 6-8
Chapter Three: How to Shop for Your Wedding Outfit So You’ll Look Good and Feel Good 9-11
Chapter Four: Practical Information About Your Wedding Gown 12-13
Chapter Five: Working With a Wedding Consultant 14
Chapter Six: Personal Flowers 15-16
Chapter Seven: How to Handle Problems on Your Wedding Day 17-18
Chapter Eight: The Groom (and the Groomsmen) 19-21
Chapter Nine: The Rehearsal Dinner and the Morning After 22
Chapter Ten: The Ceremony 23-25
Chapter Eleven: What Is a Professional Makeup Artist and
How Do I Find One?
Chapter Twelve: Do I Need a Professional Hairdresser on My Wedding Day and How Do I Find One? 28-29
Chapter Thirteen: How to Have a Foolproof Consultation With a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist 30-33
Chapter Fourteen: What You Can Do Ahead of Time to Accommodate Makeup and Hair Stylists on Your Wedding Day 34-35
Part II: Health, Meditation, Exercise: Getting in Shape for Your Wedding 36
Chapter Fifteen: Why It’s Important to Have a Beauty Routine Before the Wedding 37
Chapter Sixteen: Exercise 38-39
Chapter Seventeen: Flawless Skin 40-59
Chapter Eighteen: Maintaining Healthy Hair 60-62
Chapter Nineteen: Vitamins and Minerals 63-69
Chapter Twenty: Water 70
Chapter Twenty-One: Stress 71
Chapter Twenty-Two: Meditation 72
Chapter Twenty-Three: Healing Baths 73
Chapter Twenty-Four: Massage 74
Chapter Twenty-Five: Manicures and Pedicures 75
Part III: Wedding Day Makeup and Hair 76
Chapter Twenty-Six: Wedding Day Makeup – Three Key Points 77-80
Chapter Twenty-Seven: What Do I Require From Wedding Day Makeup 81-82
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Tools You Will Need to Apply Your Own Makeup 83-84
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Easy to Follow Step by Step Makeup Application: Overview 85
Chapter Thirty: The First Three Steps 86-87
Chapter Thirty-One: Step 4 – Anti Shine 88
Chapter Thirty-Two: Step 5 – Concealer 89
Chapter Thirty-Three: Step 6 – Foundation 90-91
Chapter Thirty-Four: Step 7 – Powder 92-93
Chapter Thirty-Five: Steps 8 thru 11 – Prepare Brows and Lids 94-95
Chapter Thirty-Six: Steps 12 – Color in Brows 96
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Step 13 – Apply Eye Shadow 97-98
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Step 14 – Eyeliner 99-101
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Step 15 – Curl Lashes 102
Chapter Forty: Step 16 – Mascara 103
Chapter Forty-One: Step 17 – False Eye Lashes 104
Chapter Forty-Two: Step 18 – Clean Makeup Under Eyes 105
Chapter Forty-Three: Step 19 – Blush 106
Chapter Forty-Four: Step 20 – Lip Pencil 107-108
Chapter Forty-Five: Step 21 – Lipstick 109-110
Chapter Forty-Six: Step 22 – Body Makeup and Powder Foundation 111
Chapter Forty-Seven: A Few More Tips 112
Chapter Forty-Eight: Wedding Day Hair 113-116
Chapter Forty-Nine: How to Get Your Hairstyle to Last 15 Hours 117-119
Chapter Fifty: Adding Hair Extensions for Volume 120-122
Chapter Fifty-One: African American Hair 123
Chapter Fifty-Two: Adding a Headpiece and Veil 124-125
Part IV: Resources 126
Chapter Fifty-Three: How to Find Everything in This Book 127-130
Chapter Fifty-Four: Conclusion 131
  About the Author 132

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