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Rochelle Weithorn Rochelle Weithorn has been making brides, models, actresses and celebrities more beautiful for over ten years. Her clients have included Anthony Hopkins, Sarah Jessica Parker, Queen Noor of Jordan, Tipper Gore, Pierre Cardin, Mayor Guilliani, Governor Christine Todd Whitman, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Patrick Ewing, Mandy Patinkin, Donald Trump and more. She has worked for fashion magazines and fashion shows, for television shows, commercials and corporate training tapes. But brides are her special interest. She firmly believes, as she says, that every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. She sees herself as an enhancer, a facilitator, who highlights the natural beauty of a bride's face, styles her hair into the most becoming style, and handles small crises that inevitably pop up.
Making brides look beautiful
Ms. Weithorn came to the study of makeup and styling after studying fine arts. Subsequently, she embarked on the in-depth study of Tibetan Buddhism, meditation, and natural healing. She has incorporated her studies of this ancient wisdom with her beautifying techniques--ways to keep sane under the pressure of preparing for a wedding, ways to relax, to look beautiful and have a marvelous time while in the spotlight. Ms. Weithorn, who has written for journals on styling and makeup, lives in New York City. She has one daughter.

All Brides Hair and Makeup by Rochelle Weithorn.

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