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"From practical wedding information on hair, makeup and styling to holistic health, meditation and exercise, Ms. Weithorn's book is a great resource for the bride-to-be."
-- John Gray, Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

"The best Wedding Book I ever read!" -- Enid Zuckerman, Proprietor Canyon Ranch, Tucson Arizona
"Lamaz for Brides" and "The Bible" -- Other Quotes From Brides 

"My nephew's fiancee wrote me and said she found the book very calming--she  didn't know why and that it was a good read..."
-- Nealy Zimmerman  New Haven, Connecticut

"I adore my bridal book! I spent the day at the pool yesterday and poured
over each detail. It is jammed with exceptional advice. The signing by the
author -- personalized it so magically."  Francoise

Be Beautiful
(And Stay Sane)
On Your Wedding Day

By Rochelle Weithorn

Celebrity makeup artist Rochelle Weithorn prepares today's Bride for her Wedding Day by showing the way to orchestrate a joyful celebration while remaining beautiful throughout that eventful day. Weithorn, a stylist and facilitator who specializes in brides and celebrities, combines sophistication with a holistic emphasis. With a background in meditation and the healing arts, she calls herself an enhancer of the Bride's natural qualities.

Be Beautiful (And Stay Sane) On Your Wedding Day
is divided into four sections. The first provides practical information guiding the Bride through all of the events and details of her Wedding Day. The second section gets her in shape through health, meditation and exercise. The third outlines a variety of cogent beauty advice including step-by-step "how-to" makeup and hair tips geared for the Bride. The final section becomes a sourcebook indicating how and where to find everything recommended in the book.

Be Beautiful (And Stay Sane) On Your Wedding Day
is a resource for the Bride that broadens her communication with everyone concerned: from the florist to the photographer to the Groom, himself. The book — laden with tips and examples — covers the gamut of all that a wedding entails, enabling the savvy Bride to emerge with confidence and heartfelt beauty to fully enjoy her ultimate spotlight.

Ms. Weithorn works as a Hair and Makeup artist in New York City and travels extensively working with Brides to ensure they look their most "Beautiful" on their most important day -- their Wedding Day!

All Brides Hair and Makeup by Rochelle Weithorn.

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